Friday, June 15, 2012

Successful Jailbreak MC086LL - Touch 2G - A1288

So, this is another technical post, for those of you who will not be can just disregard.

I successfully completed a jailbreak of the iPod 2G, model A1288, or more importantly, the MC086LL 8GB model. Up until recently, all of the major players in jailbreaking technology were unable to jailbreak this device. The failed apps include (but are not limited to) PwnageTool, Blackra1n, whited00r, sn0wBreeze,, UltraSnow, and redsn0w, (the latter of which eventually proved to be the winner). These are all the Mac OS X software versions. (Note: I DID NOT attempt to jailbreak using Windows, as that was counterproductive to my intent, which was to have a complete solution using only Apple hardware with 3rd party apps).

To get additional details regarding the "how to" and the "where to go" for this jailbreak, read on:

1) If you are new to jailbreaking iOS devices, please read up on how to put older devices in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade/Update) mode. Google it or use the search tool on your favorite tech-help blog regarding iOS firmwares. In particular, it is important to learn how to put the 2G Touch into DFU. Not everyone's instructions work as they write it, and it often enters DFU using alternate methods, as well.

  • Simplest DFU method: plug in USB; turn off device (not standby); hold down power for 3 seconds; press and hold "Home" button while still holding power; after 15 seconds, release power, but continue to hold "Home" for 15 more seconds. If you are doing the math, this should take over 30 seconds. (note: I often put my MC086LL in DFU in less than 20 seconds)
2) Go to and download latest stable release of redsn0w, 0.9.12b2, then extract it and run. If you successfully placed your Touch into DFU mode, redsn0w will detect the device and you can then use the software to complete the jailbreak. See directions to redsn0w's app using their blog link above. It's best to use the most current stable version and directions explicitly from, as these are subject to change.

3) If DFU is successful, and redsn0w successfully detects your Touch and installs the Cydia jailbreak features and software, your device will take over the remaining part of the installation and finish with the use of the Mac. The benefit to this is that many solutions offer tethered jailbreaks, which often lead to problems later, requiring the use of the Mac to boot the iPod device.

I understand that this is not a technical "how to" blog post, and wish to remind readers that it was not meant to be. Many of the instructions for this process are changed as new releases of Apple's firmware are released and redsn0w releases updated versions of their app, as well.

As always, I'm open to questions and appropriate comments, if anyone wants to post below.

Best of luck to you old school Touch 2G people!


  1. Heh heh old school--thanks for the post it helped me reset my son's ipod lol

  2. Will the untethered jail break still work on my ipod 2gen MC086LL 8GB model if i use windows? Will it still work the same? im new to jail breaking Any pointers? Help would be greatly appreciated


  4. I tried it on windows, but it says it doesnt support MC models


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